Selecting a Spa for Hydrotherapy Benefits

The therapeutic qualities of water have been known for centuries. Records of various forms of hydrotherapy have been discovered in Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations. Flowing currents and temperature of water relieve stress, as well as sooth aches and pains. Modern hydrotherapy has developed devices that direct currents to specific areas of the body to alleviate physical pain and emotional stress. Sports medicine makes extensive use of hydrotherapy to heal injuries.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy
Hydrotherapy can soothe or invigorate the body. Since the body responds to heat and cold in different ways, hydrotherapy can be used to relax at the end of the day, or invigorate the body and mind when needed. In addition, hydrotherapy is useful in treating headaches, colds, depression, sleep disorders and other conditions. What many people may not realize is that you can gain many of the benefits of hydrotherapy with a simple home spa. Other benefits include loosening tense muscles, aiding in digestion, boosting the immune system and improving internal organ functions.

Types of Hydrotherapy Equipment
The most popular types of equipment are tubs, showers thermal capsules, and backyard hot tubs. Hydrotherapy equipment may be purchased at medical supply stores or online. Tubs are designed with a varying number of jets for water flow and may accommodate more than one person. Choose the design that’s best for your purpose.
Hydrotherapy Swiss showers are round or triangular. The individual stands in the center of the shower, and a series of three or more showerheads direct the water. Vichy showers require the individual to lie down while a professional uses a handheld showerhead to bathe him or her. Thermal capsules are generally used in combination with steam baths, massages and aromatic diffusers. Hot tubs use jets in the same way that medical hydrotherapy tubs do, giving the spa owner added health benefits.

Hydrotherapy offers many benefits for most people. For healing or well-being, hydrotherapy is available and affordable. Ready to soak up the benefits of having a spa? Contact Valley Oasis for more information on Tucson spas and pools.

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